Survey on Durham’s LGBTQIA needs

The LGBTQ Center of Durham (North Carolina) and local residents were recently invited by Durham County Department of Public Health to help identify and describe the dynamic health needs of Durham’s LGBTQIA community. On July 5th we brainstormed some of the major health issues facing the community and we want to hear from from Durham residents about whether we’re on the right track. Below is a link to a survey that we are urging Durham, NC residents to take. Results will help inform what topics we will discuss.

As a back story, every 3 years the Health Department, in association with Partnership for a Healthy Durham (where I volunteer), produces a Community Health Assessment (CHA). For the first time there will be a LGBTQIA section in the CHA. While we identified issues we thought were important, we wanted to hear Durham’s opinion to see if our issues were in concordance with the broader community’s issues.